Look how cool I am!

So this is the page I'm displaying my personal bio on. Eventually I'll update it, but for now we'll take a look at some basic facts about me.

A picture of me and Flabio together (my tuba's name).

This picture of me is from my 1st year of college playing in the Oregon State University marching band. In middle and high school I was a woodwind player (alto/tenor/bari saxophone and Bb/Eb clarinet). but in college I decided to try something new. I picked up my first sousaphone the week before my first term of university started. I made little notecards with notes and their fingerings and had to write notes into my music (I had never seriously used base clef before)

In addition to playing sousa, sometimes I get outside and have adventures with my family. Summer 2014 our posse made the trek accross the states to Texas to visit grandparents and to be tourists in the US of A. As a joke I dressed up as Sergio Flores (otherwise known as the Sexy Sax Man) and "Careless Whisper" on my alto sax at every major landmark we passed. I have lots of amazing pictures from that, but in order to upkeep a somewhat professional atmosphere, I won't include it (yet).

This is a picture of my dog. Look how cute she is. We've had her for about 8 years now, but it feels so much shorter. When we moved into our house in 2010, we haden't had a dog for about 3 years and my mom really wanted to get one to have around the house. So we went to the Clackamas shelter and got this monster of a pet.

She was crazy at first, but my mom trained her to act like a normal dog. For the most part

Just a few things about me.

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